A Superhuman Mindset

‘A Superhuman Mindset’

Neil Agius’ epic feat saw him swim just over 100 kilometres in 28 hours from Sicily to Malta.
I had the privilege of documenting his journey.

This was an important assignment to me both from a personal and documentative point of view.  As an open water swimmer I have a huge connection and respect for the sea. Neil is a friend of mine and invited me to be part of the challenge and support his movement ‘Wave of Change’ ,Neil’s brainchild to empower people to keep our seas clean.

It’s not everyday that you get to witness a world class athlete take on such an incredible feat to convey such a simple message; to reduce plastic waste that ends up in the sea. I felt a huge responsibility to really showcase the enormity of Neil’s challenge.

This particular adventure required me to be present throughout the whole journey and capture it from every possible angle.  All my tools came into play, flying my drone to convey the expanse of the sea and my Aquatech underwater housing below the surface portraying Neil’s meditative state and steady, repetitive stroke. I photographed from sunrise to sunset and let the varying shades of light and sea conditions tell the story.

Throughout the challenges Neil was unwavering in his focus. It’s hard to fathom that 90,000 strokes later Neil was as optimistic and positive as the moment he started, conveying his superhuman mindset.


I teamed up with Ian Adams, a talented creative director and friend, we who devised a script for the short film  ‘A Superhuman Mindset’ . The film is narrated by Neil Agius himself.