Les Voiles de Saint Tropez 2020

Les Voiles De Saint Tropez | September 2020

A highlight on the Rolex racing calendar that I had the privilege of shooting last September

Under the dark cloud of 2020 came a ray of light when we got the go ahead for Les Voiles de Saint Tropez. This was one of the only two yacht races on the Rolex calendar that took place last year and although without the bells and whistles, this year’s event did not disappoint.

Les Voiles is one of the most prestigious classic events on the yacht racing calendar as it brings together a fleet of over 200 classic yachts for this timeless spectacle. It takes place every year, over a week around the end of September, in the picturesque bay of St. Tropez, which offers a stunning backdrop to this magnificent event.

It is formerly known as the Nioulargue Yacht Race, and it was the first classic boat regatta that I photographed back in 1993. I then participated as crew a few years later, making this a meaningful event to me, one I have

always connected with.

As these classic yachts were hand built over 50 to 100 years ago, they require plenty of love, maintenance and care to keep them in pristine condition. This makes the race all the more awe inspiring as the eye gazes upon this fleet of classic beauties, gliding so gracefully across the surface.

It always feels like travelling back in time, stepping away from the reality of modern day life into another world, where the connection between the yacht and sea seems far stronger. Even the crew appear to be more present, as a classic yacht is heavier and takes more man power to sail. These sublime yachts really do exude a sense of romantic and soulful living, and I attempt to portray that in my photographs.